Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Troubling Op-Ed Portends GOP Agenda Absorbing the Worst Ideals of Silicon Valley

Uh Oh -- are we going to see right-wingers merge their agenda with Silicon Valley greed?

By Adam Johnson

The Washington insider publication Politico has a habit of publishing revealing op-eds by right-wingers in Washington that show their ideology in an unvarnished way. It's a place you can see their true feelings about the poor and the American entitlement system—which is to say runaway contempt for both. One so-bad-it-borders-on-self-parody op-ed dropped January 27, and it wants to massively overhaul several entitlements by subjecting those most in need to the Dickensian nightmare of the “gig economy”: "Uber for welfare: A bold proposal to use the 'gig economy' to reboot the safety net."

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