Tuesday, January 26, 2016

They’re still lying about Ronald Reagan: What Trump, Cruz and the GOP field won’t tell you about Reaganomics

We know the results of Reagan's tax and spending policies. So why do GOP presidential candidates keep pushing them?

Eliza A. Webb

Every candidate in the GOP presidential race is running on the same economic platform: slash taxes, slash spending, slash regulation. It’s the Republicans’ special formula, guaranteed to spark prosperity and opulence for all. At recent debates, candidates have said things like this:
Marco Rubio: “It begins with tax reform… It continues with regulatory reform. Regulations in this country are out of control… I’m going to side with Ronald Reagan on this and not Nancy Pelosi.”
Ted Cruz: “You pass a tax plan like the tax plan I’ve introduced: a simple flat tax, 10 percent for individuals, and a 16 percent business flat tax, you abolish the IRS… it produces economic growth.”
Ben Carson: “A flat tax for everybody… get rid of the incredible regulations — because every regulation is a tax, it’s a — on goods and services… It’s the evil government that is — that is putting all these regulations on us so that we can’t survive.”

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